• The scientific activity of the microwave power devices group at IEMN is based on the simulation, the technological process and the measurement of devices based on wide bandgap semiconductors. The activity is shared between advanced topics and projects strongly connected to the needs of industry. Most of the activity is based on gallium nitride semiconductor but more advanced materials are studied such as Al(BGa)N or diamond.

    The main topic regards the development of microwave power transistors and circuits based on GaN. In this very competitive research field, studied since several years by the most famous laboratories all around the world in USA, Europe and Japan, state of the art results were obtained by the group.

    Other advanced activities were developed more recently such as Resonant Tunnelling Diodes, XUV Photodetectors, THz electron plasma wave detectors and GaN nanowire electron devices. In these fields, state of the art results were also obtained recently.

    The activity of the microwave power devices group is developed in the frame of numerous scientific projects in collaboration with industrial companies and universities all over the different countries in Europe showing thankfulness for the expert appraisement domains of the group.

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